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I'm An Orphan by PsychoSlaughterman I'm An Orphan by PsychoSlaughterman
I just saw this movie tonight and had to make a stamp for it straight away, it is a really good movie and bound to be a classic. Orphan is about a family looking to adopt after losing their third child during birth, they go the the orphanage and fall in love for the sweet and polite Esther who's real family died in a fire. 3 short weeks later Esther moves in with the family, but not all is what it seems, something is wrong with Esther, accidents seem to happen all around her and her siblings seem to be terrified of her, what is wrong with Esther?? I didn't go in to this movie expecting to like it, i have seen many movies of child psychopaths and didn't expect a great deal, but i was so wrong. I love this movie, the acting is very good especially from Isabelle Fuhrman and Aryana Engineer. Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard also do a good job on their characters. I have to say though the ending is wildly out of the norm i did predict it, well actually as we were half way through watching it i said "you know what would be twisted in one of these styles of movies? if... happened" and then a little later i found out that my idea was the basis of this movie, that happens to me a lot. I encourage you all to see this if you like movies such as Silence of the lambs and Psycho, oh and the animation of this stamp is a recreation of the movie, if you hold a black light over Esthers seemingly sweet pictures you find some disturbing details in UV paint.

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This stamp is part of my Horror Stamp Series, My attempt to create a stamp for all the iconic monsters of horror and their fans. This is an on going series and I have many more still to make, but due to being a self employed artist there is only so much i can do. I'll add more when time permits me. For now i hope you continue to enjoy the ones that are allready made.

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October 29, 2009
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