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I'm A Ringer by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Ringer by PsychoSlaughterman
The Ring, The American remake of a Japanese classic that kicked off the massive run of remakes from other countries. A News Reporter investigating the mysterious death of her Niece discovers a video tape that if you watch it you die in 7 days. Within those 7 days you are haunted by the mysterious long haired girl from the tape which we later find out is named Samara Morgan. This is by far my favorite Japanese/American remake even though it has became cliche. The original has the same core story line and was called "Ringu"

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This stamp is part of my Horror Stamp Series, My attempt to create a stamp for all the iconic monsters of horror and their fans. This is an on going series and I have many more still to make, but due to being a self employed artist there is only so much i can do. I'll add more when time permits me. For now i hope you continue to enjoy the ones that are allready made.

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October 21, 2009
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