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I'm A Creeper Freak by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Creeper Freak by PsychoSlaughterman
A more recent monster than some of the others, The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers and it's sequel. The Creeper is a being that comes out to feed for 23 days every 23 years, it eats eyes to see, lungs to breathe and hearts to keep on ticking after brutal injuries. It also lives in what it likes to call "The House of Pain" which is a church basement that is lined with the bodies of his victims. The Creeper though a fairly new character in horror has quickly became legendary after only 2 movies. For years there have been talks of a third and i hope that there will be one eventually.

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This stamp is part of my Horror Stamp Series, My attempt to create a stamp for all the iconic monsters of horror and their fans. This is an on going series and I have many more still to make, but due to being a self employed artist there is only so much i can do. I'll add more when time permits me. For now i hope you continue to enjoy the ones that are allready made.

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October 19, 2009
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