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I'm A Bloody Fanatic by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Bloody Fanatic by PsychoSlaughterman
My Bloody Valentine, Most likely only the older and hardcore of the fans would have known about the original, but thanks to the remake it is pretty mainstream now. I was going to do an original version and a remake version since i know there are fans of both and they don't always crossover but i could only get remake pics like this one so you hardcore original fans will just have to accept a remake pic even though it is in support of the original also.
So in the original a mining accident happens on valentines day. The accident is caused because those in charge of safety were at a valentines day party and weren't doing their job. After 20 years some young adults decide to hold a valentines day party in the mine despite the warnings, naturally they all start dying one by one at the hands of a killer dressed in miner gear.
The remake on the other hand tells the story a different way, a small town miner returns home only to be accused of killing the victims of the valentines day massacre years before, due to his return people once again are being killed in the same way.

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This stamp is part of my Horror Stamp Series, My attempt to create a stamp for all the iconic monsters of horror and their fans. This is an on going series and I have many more still to make, but due to being a self employed artist there is only so much i can do. I'll add more when time permits me. For now i hope you continue to enjoy the ones that are allready made.

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October 24, 2009
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